Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School holds annual Jail and Bail fundraiser

Those “arrested” include Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Lorne Doerkson

The Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School (PSO) 2024 grad class rounded up some ne’er-do-wells at the 2024 Jail and Bail on Friday, May 10.

The event saw several people being ‘arrested’ and hauled away by an actual RCMP vehicle and officers to a school bus that masqueraded as a jail cell, sometimes with the song Bad Boys being played. The arrests were done thanks to a system the PSO Dry Grad Committee had set up, with the community invited to issue ‘arrest warrants’ to a friend, family member, teacher or member of the community.

To be bailed out, the ‘prisoners’ had to raise $200 each to get out of ‘jail.’ All proceeds will go to the 2024 PSO Dry Grad.

Those ‘arrested’ included Daniel Broddy, the owner and operator of FreshCo wwjarchitecture. Broddy was ‘arrested’ for what he said were unclear charges.

“They said something about being a good community citizen and overall a good guy, so I don’t know, it’s a little suspect to me,” Broddy quipped.

Broddy said he agreed to participate because the Jail and Bail is a “good thing” for the community.

“It raises money for the Dry Grad, and it allows the kids to have a really good time.”

Others who were ‘arrested’ include the operations manager of Timber Mart 100 Mile, Gavin Spooner. Spooner recounted the moment of his faux-arrest to the Free Press.

“I was in my office and they came in, asked me to step up and be out of my desk, get on the ground and then I laid on my stomach while they applied the handcuffs, and then they helped me get up and ended up walking me out to the police vehicle.”

Not even those in positions of power were safe from the grads. Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Lorne Doerkson was also cuffed and so was District of wwjarchitecture Coun. Donna Barnett. Doerkson says he was baffled as to why he was arrested.

“I’m trying to understand what the charges are, however, I understand that I can post bail here today and I have brought some money but not quite enough.”

Doerkson, in on the joke, said he would be ‘seeking’ legal counsel. However, in seriousness, Doerkson said that he was elated to be at the Jail and Bail.

“I think these kids are amazing, it’s an awesome school function and I think it’s a great community pride and spirit, so I’m happy to be here.”

Meanwhile, Barnett has experience of being ‘arrested’ before in previous Jail and Bail events, and was prepared - bringing a lot of money in a bag to bail herself out.

“I get all my donations ahead of time,” Barnett remarked.

One of the students conducting the arrests was Grade 12 student Kaylee Gilbert. Gilbert says this is one of the many fundraisers she has done this year, but noted this one was particularly exciting.

“It tends to be a very popular one around town,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said that the public likes the event.

“They find entertainment in it, which is really good.”

This year the Jail and Bail was held at the Farmers Market instead of the usual Save-on-Foods location, according to organizer and dry grad parent chair Kristy Gosselin. She said they raised just under $7,000 and that the event was a success.

About the Author: Misha Mustaqeem

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