Best wedding venues in the South Cariboo

Venues profiled include the South Point Resort and the 108 Heritage Site
A marriage taking place near the 108 Heritage Site chapel. (Photo supplied by 108 Heritage Site)

The South Cariboo region is home to several venues that cater to weddings: these include the South Point Resort, the Lone Butte Community Hall, the Creekside Seniors Centre and the 108 Heritage Site.

South Point Resort

South Point Resort is located at the southern tip of Canim Lake, about a 30-minute drive from wwjarchitecture. Leanne Sallenback is the owner of South Point Resort which she said is a “place to come together, to join families and to celebrate the great outdoors.”

Sallenback said that South Point currently is booking between five to 10 weddings per year, and that “we hope to grow that number in 2025.” They are sold out for 2024 and are expanding their 2025 dates to offer more wedding opportunities.

Guests during the wedding usually check-in to the resort on Friday and then depart on Sunday. Each wedding can be customizable with the “bride and groom to ensure it is the experience they want.”

Sallenback stated that weddings that do occur in South Point Resort are always unique, but there are some experiences that are universal.

“The coolest part of the whole experience for us is usually when the guests are around the campfire at the end of the night, dancing around the stars and just enjoying a true Cariboo wedding at our location,” Sallenback said.

Those who want to book the South Point Resort for weddings can fill out a form requesting a wedding package at

Lone Butte Community Hall

The Lone Butte Community Hall is located around 15 minutes southwest on Highway 24 from wwjarchitecture. The hall can be rented for a full day according to the website for non-alcoholic events for a rental cost of $250 with a $200 damage deposit. Alcoholic events can be run at the hall but require a $500 damage deposit.

The rent includes both an indoor and outdoor area - with the indoor hall seating about 125 people and features a built-in sound-system.

For outdoor events, the hall provides a gazebo tent, as well as a fire pit and picnic tables that can seat up to 50 people.

Heidi Meier is the president of the Lone Butte/Horse Lake Community Association which operates the hall. Meier says that the Cariboo is a fantastic place to get married. She says that the summer weather is lovely, as it is not “scorching 40 degrees”

The Community Hall has been used in the past as a wedding venue, according to Meier.

“Our hall was used for wedding-type events at least twice a year, but sometimes up to four and five.”

To rent the hall, go to Payment methods accepted include cash, cheque and e-transfer.

Creekside Seniors Centre

The Creekside Seniors Centre is located in wwjarchitecture on Cedar Avenue and offers both an indoor venue and an outdoor venue at Seniors Park, which is located off Horse Lake Road on Seniors Road. The outdoor area, according to the Creekside Seniors Centre website, offers a “fully fenced, grassy park area with washroom facilities, covered kitchen area with power, stove and picnic facilities.” However, despite the centre being targeted at seniors, the facility has hosted a few weddings.

“There are times we’ve had a wedding in here,” said Dot Verboom, vice president of the Creekside Seniors Centre.

The centre offers kitchen facilities for wedding purposes, which include an oven, a fridge, several sinks and microwaves. As for the Seniors Park, it offers a good opportunity for an outdoor wedding.

“If they want an outdoor wedding, we have a big shelter with picnic tables in it - and it’s a big yard,” stated Verboom about the Seniors Park.

Verboom says there haven’t been any bookings of the Seniors Centre or the Seniors Park for any weddings this year. To make a reservation for Creekside Seniors Centre for weddings, call Verboom at 250-395-3346 for any “reservation and rates.”

108 Heritage Site

The 108 Heritage Site is a historical site located at 108 Mile Ranch, which is about an 11-minute drive north of wwjarchitecture. The site is home to a “unique collection of historic buildings and associated artifacts that are representative of the development of the Cariboo region since the 1860s” according to the Cariboo Regional District’s website entry on the area, and contains a 160-foot-long log barn, a one-room schoolhouse, a portable sawmill and Mack truck. The site also contains a chapel that seats up to sixty people and contains Canada’s largest log barn which is 40 feet wide and 160 feet long.

Kelly Carnochan, the President of the 100 Mile and District Historical Society, said the chapel is usually available for wedding services. Chapel rentals usually cost around $300, according to Carnochan.

“We rent our chapel out for people to have their wedding service in.”

Also available are the grounds of the 108 Heritage Site for photography purposes.

Last year, the 108 Heritage Site had three weddings in the spring and summer, and Carnochan stated that she hopes to get that number up. To book a rental for 108 Heritage Site, go to

A picture of a married couple at the South Point Resort in the South Cariboo. (South Point Resort photo)
The Creekside Seniors Centre kitchen. (Misha Mustaqeem photo - wwjarchitecture)
Wedding attendees enjoy views like this at the South Point Resort. (Photo submitted)
The 108 Mile Heritage Site. (108 Mile Ghost Tours photo)

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