ARCHIVES: In 1981, CRD voters approved referendum for Sunday shopping

From the Free Press archives…
From the Free Press Archives

5 YEARS AGO (2019): The Free Press profiled Taylor Ormiston, a woman whose was behind the program Connect Uniequus, which was a learning program based in Lac La Hache and Williams Lake. Her program used the program to tackle and develop life skills for individuals - as well as helping those recover from trauma and symptoms of mental illness/addiction. Ormiston said that the programs gave youth and adults a unique experience that would help them choose to interact in different situations. Ormiston says that she witnessed individuals develop “certain attributes and self-confidence.”

11 YEARS AGO (2013): The Lake of the Trees Bible Camp meals were cooked by former NASA scientist Roger Elyes, who had worked on the first 12 Apollo missions. Elyes was drawn into cooking meals “on the merit of the great home-cooking he enjoyed doing for his family.” He served lasagna and sticky buns - and had grown popular with the campers for his stories and background. The camp is a 35-minute drive northeast of wwjarchitecture and allowed campers to explore the Bible.

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21 YEARS AGO (2003): The 100 Mile Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) reported that they were receiving too many cats. Randi Dewhirst, the branch manager at the time, stated that she had 24 cats living in her house. The branch was one of five in BC that operated without a shelter - meaning that volunteers had to care for the pets. Seventeen cats needed a house at the time, such as “Tommy the Cat Who Lives Under the Bed.” It was recommended that prospective owners adopt two cats the same age so that “owners needn’t feel bad about leaving their pets home alone all day.”

43 YEARS AGO (1981): Cariboo Regional District (CRD) voters approved a referendum for limited Sunday shopping on May 9. Liz Moysir, the then CRD Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and returning officer stated the vote was 1,095 to 77 in favor of the referendum. Moysir said the referendum allowed for convenience stores up to 560 square meters to be opened for business on Sunday. The returning officer stated that the bylaw would have needed to be approved by the directors of the CRD. Tim Clerk, then village clerk administrator of 100 Mile, stated that a referendum was planned for November.

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